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The Klassics List

The entire list has been updated as of
Monday January 2, 2012.
More updates will be coming soon.

Updated Klassics List

As some of you may know, KSHE 95 is in the process of playing all of the KSHE Klassics in alphabetical order by song title. They started this on October 9, 2011 and will continue this each Sunday morning until they have gone completely through the list. John Ulett - host of the KSHE Klassics estimates this will take at least through August 2012.

We'll be tracking and updating the Klassics A to Z List Klassics A to Z List.
periodically based on the updated KSHE playlist. The updated list through December 25, 2011 is posted here. Check back for an updated list.

Original Klassics List

Please note that this list is lengthy and will take a minute to load. To view the Klassics List click here.

If you would like to download the original Klassics list in an EXCEL spreadsheet, right click here and select "Save Target As". Please note, you will need Office 2003 (EXCEL 2003) or higher to view the spreadsheet. It will also take a minute to download due to the size of the file.

A few words about the artists, albums and songs you will find on this list.

There are two main rules in order to qualify for the list:

Many of these artists and songs are popular in a particular region or area. In some cases, a particular radio station is responsible for making the song a "rock classic". You may know some of these songs as KSHE Klassics, Lone Classics, St. Louis Classics, Sunday Morning Classics, Beaker Street Classics, Lost Classics, Classic Cuts, or by a number of other names depending on where you live and the radio stations in your area.

You will also notice that some of these songs are from artists or albums that contained a "hit" song, but the "rock classic" song was overlooked by most radio stations and the listening public. In other cases, the song might be categorized as a "one hit wonder".

Most of these original albums have been out of print for many years and are quite collectable. However, more of the albums (in their original format) have been re-released on CD in recent years. In other cases, the "rock classic" song appears on a "Best Of" compilation by the artist or on a "various artists" CD.

For each artist, the "rock classic" album title is listed followed by the "rock classic" song, the year the album was released, and an indicator for whether the album is commercially available on CD. Some albums may be listed more than once, since they contain more than one "rock classic" song. The "On CD" codes are as follows:

Y = Yes, available on domestic (US) CD - original album version,

I = Import (non-US) CD - original album version,

B = Classic rock song available on a "Best Of" CD by the group,

V = Classic rock song available on a Various Artist Hits CD,

N = Not released on CD,

O = Released on CD at one time, but now Out-of-print.

Also, in these days of individuals burning their own CDs on CD-Rs, it might be possible to find a copy of one of these albums. But, since this is not a legitimate release, it is not indicated as being released on CD.

Many thanks to the individuals who have sent e-mail about these albums now available on CD. Without their help, it would be next to impossible to keep this list current. This list continues to be a work in progress since CDs go in and out of print. And, new Klassics are periodically added to the list. If you know of an update to this list, please e-mail.

Your input will be appreciated.

Please note that none of these albums or CDs are for sale or are available from this website. If you are trying to locate one of these albums, please refer to the list of Classic Rock Record and CD Stores.

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