Miscellaneous Links

Here are some links to other music related pages.

Classics Show
Here is a website that contains a listing of the songs played on the KSHE Klassics show each Sunday.
KSAN Tribute Page
Here is a tribute page to KSAN radio.
This site contains a lot of information about KWK 106FM, a now defunct classic rock station in St. Louis Missouri.
If you are looking for an easy to use program to catalog your CD collection, this is the one.
Beaker Street
My favorite Classic Rock radio show now has a homepage! The original host, Clyde Clifford, still does the show each Sunday evening and you can hear the show live over the internet each Sunday night from seven to midnight CST.
The Great Hollywood Hangover
This site contains some great information and memories about the Hollywood music scene in the late sixties.
The Riverfront Times
This is a free weekly newspaper from St. Louis, Missouri. They periodically have articles about St. Louis music groups and other related music information.
Reverse Speech
This site contains information about reverse speech - words that can be heard by playing a sound clip backwards. They have a music page containing several clips from popular rock songs. If you remember "number nine, number nine, number nine --- turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man" you'll like this site.
The Doors Trivia Quiz
Think you know a lot about The Doors? If so, you will enjoy testing your knowledge. It poses ten questions and measures how quickly you answer them. Then, it gives you a score and ranks you against others who have taken the quiz.
Howard Stern Show
So, what does Howard Stern have to do with Classic Rock? I'm not sure...but, this is one of the better Howard pages. Daily updates about his radio show are posted by 6 PM Eastern time each day.
A Floydian Analysis of the Wizard of Oz
Is there a link between "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd and the movie "The Wizard of Oz"? Check out this article for some of the possible "clues". If you liked all of the "Paul is Dead" clues from the Beatles albums, you'll like this story too.

"Free As A Bird" Picture Stills
An interesting site! It contains still photos and descriptions from The Beatles video "Free As A Bird". You can search and locate pictures related to song titles, scenes and each of The Beatles.
The Official Abbey Road Studios Homepage
This is the official homepage of Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles and others recorded.
Beatles Links

Still looking for more information about the Beatles? Check out this page of Beatles and Beatles related information.
All Music Guide
A large database of songs and artists which you can search. I have found this database to be useful in locating that long lost Classic Rock song.

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