Links to Classic Rock Radio Stations

(Listed in no particular order)

KSHE Now in their 35th year! KSHE95 in St. Louis, Missouri plays great Classic Rock music. The format has remained virtually unchanged since beginning in the fall of 1967. Check out the KSHE Klassics show every Sunday morning from eight until noon with the U-Man. This show features artists and songs from The Klassics List.
This site contains a lot of information about KWK 106FM, a now defunct classic rock station in St. Louis Missouri.
101 KGB This is one of the top classic rock stations in the San Diego area.
KHITS 96 If you grew up listening to St. Louis radio over the years, this is the station for you. They have many well known St. Louis air personalities working at the station like, Mark Klose, Radio Rich Dalton, J.C. Corcoran, John Ulett, and more. They also regularly play a good number of the classic rock songs on The Klassics List.
KQRS Radio 92, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have a great "Homegrown" show featuring local bands from the area. They recently featured Gypsy on the show and the group performed a couple of acoustic numbers.
K-ROCK Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This station was recommended to me by the station's webmaster.
The Bear 104FM Wichita Falls, Texas. This station was recommended to me by one of the station's listeners. After checking out their site, it is obvious they play some great classic rock music.
WDVE FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA This station comes recommended by a friend on the internet.
100.7FM - KGMO Cape Girardeau, Missouri USA I only hear this station when I drive to St. Louis, but every time I listen, I have heard several classic rock songs from The Klassics List.
98.5FM - WNCX Cleveland's Classic Rock Station - Cleveland, Ohio USA A friend of mine who lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area has sent me a number of tapes from this station. Every morning, they carry The Howard Stern Show and then play classic rock music the rest of the day. Michael Stanley is on in the afternoons from 3 pm - 7 pm.
Classic Rock 92.5FM KZPS Dallas, Texas USA This is the place for classic rock songs from the sixties and seventies in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.
WEGR Rock 103FM Memphis, Tennessee USA Another station I listened to while in Memphis to visit Elvis. (I mean Elvis' place - Graceland.)
KGON Classic Rock 92.3FM Portland, Oregon USA Another great classic rock station.
CFJB - Rock 95 95.7, rocking Barrie, Ontario.
KLOS 95.5 in Los Angeles, "Southern California's best rock."
KMGN - The Mountain 93.9, northern Arizona's home of Classic Rock, from Flagstaff.
KSAN 107.7, broadcasting live from San Mateo, California.
KTGL 92.9, for all of Lincoln, Nebraska.
KZEL 96.1, Oregon's Classic Rock, from Eugene Oregon.
WSTZ - Z106 106.7, rocking all of Jackson, Mississippi.
ShoutCast A friend of mine told me about this site. If you are interested in setting up your very own radio station broadcasting on the internet, this site has the software to do it. They also have a variety of links to "stations", some of which feature classic rock music.
Reel Radio While not an actual radio station, this site has airchecks from a large variety of radio stations across North America. The airchecks can be downloaded and played using Real Audio Player. You'll find airchecks from the sixties and seventies from Wolfman Jack, WLS, and more. If you are searching for a particular DJ or station, this site is definitely worth checking out.
List of Radio Stations Another great site for locating radio stations throughout North America and Canada.

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